Wild Violet Pink Lemonade

A fresh glass of lemonade is a summertime staple for our family and what better than to make it homemade? If you’ve already made my Wild Violet Syrup recipe then you’re in luck, and if not, it’s pretty simple and you can skip the long wait times if you’re in a pinch. Ingredients The fresh…

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Wild Violet Syrup

As many of you already know, I am an avid gardener and often share updates about the changes to my vegetable plot through the seasons. There’s nothing more exciting than getting a fresh harvest after putting in weeks or months of effort in growing something from the ground up. Well, maybe there is one thing…

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‘Be My Valentine’ Iced Brownie Dupe

Have you ever tried the infamous ‘Be My Valentine’ iced brownies? I can’t help but snag a box when they’re in stock because they’re so good. There’s just something about the chocolate shell and the layered chocolate cake that is nearly irresistible. So of course I had to try making some for myself, and let…

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Managing and Maintaining 3A Curls

If you have curly hair with extreme frizz, low volume, or both, we may have more in common than you think. My hair hasn’t always been as healthy as it is, and I can thank a handful of lifestyle changes for the transformation my curls have undergone in the past several years. That being said,…

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I've been blogging as The Untamed Optimist for over 6 years now and feel incredibly blessed to be in this position. I'm here to help as your newest gal pal and can't wait to hear your feedback on advice I've already given!

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  • Chipotle Cheese Corn Dip

    I’ve whipped up another dip recipe just in time for Father’s Day. It’s perfect for chips and dip and even smeared on Triscuit crackers. Trust me, you don’t want to miss this! I used the Chipotle Chicken Dust available at Cotton & Co. Vintage Boutique in the Maryland general store. As a vendor there, I… Read the Post

    Chipotle Cheese Corn Dip
  • Air Fried Mac & Cheese Bites

    Ever since we got an air fryer, I’ve been testing the limits of its settings to see just what I can make. One recipe I couldn’t take my mind off was air-fried mac and cheese bites. They’re delicious when fried, but the grease can leave me feeling blah sometimes. The compromise? Air-fryer magic.

    Air Fried Mac & Cheese Bites
  • Granola Bliss Balls 3 Ways

    With summer hikes being one of my go-to activities for a day off, it’s important to make sure I’ve got the right amount of protein to fuel my day. These granola bliss balls help to ensure I get the nutrients I need while going on a difficult hike in the warm weather. They pack well,… Read the Post

    Granola Bliss Balls 3 Ways
  • Dill Pull-Apart Bread

    With quarantine rocking many of our worlds, simple foods like bread, eggs, milk, and even basic necessities have become scarce and much appreciated. So many grocery stores in my area have placed ‘bans’ on buying more than one of these essential items, inspiring me to make them from home. I may not have chickens in… Read the Post

    Dill Pull-Apart Bread
  • 9 Do’s and Don’ts of Making Chocolate Covered Strawberries

    The season of love is officially here and this year, I decided to attempt making the classic Valentine’s Day treat for the family for the first time. Although quite popular around this time of year, I’d never tried making chocolate-covered strawberries before and I soon realized there was a lot to learn. There are a… Read the Post

    9 Do’s and Don’ts of Making Chocolate Covered Strawberries
  • 10-Minute Bruschetta

    There’s never a bad time to have a plate of this delicious bruschetta topping on toasted bread. Whether you’re looking for a well-loved party snack or tea-time appetizer, this bruschetta recipe will have your guests coming back for seconds! Here’s what you’ll need to enjoy a plate of homemade bruschetta: Ingredients 1 pint of cherry… Read the Post

    10-Minute Bruschetta
  • Healthy Choco-Chip Muffins!

    I started my morning off with some deep yoga stretches and serious chocolate chip muffin cravings! Probably because I spent all of last night looking at potential new recipes for the blog. These muffins are guaranteed to make your morning a little sweeter without all those added sugars in prepackaged muffin mixes. Here’s how greek… Read the Post

    Healthy Choco-Chip Muffins!

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